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How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist

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I’ve always had crooked teeth all my life. I was told as a child, “God gave you those teeth so live with it.” This was told to me by my father. For the last 40 years people have asked me, “Why don’t you get your teeth fixed?” Now that I had my teeth done I smile more, and feel better about myself. People cant believe the difference in my looks. I want to thank Dr. Mulder for changing my half smile to a full smile. They look beautiful.”

– Thank you, Derrick

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We’ve all gone through the process of choosing service providers, from family doctors to dentists. So what’s the best way to choose? Some people prefer to go to the professionals recommended by friends and family members. Others choose the office closest to their home or work. Still others choose the doctor or dentist with the most appealing financing options.

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Choosing a dental provider is a personal decision that only you can make. A dentist who works well for your mom or neighbor may not meet all your needs. So, to choose a dentist that can give you the kind of care you want, you must first decide what type of dental service you are looking for.

Some tips for picking the right dental provider

1. Make a list of the things you look for in a dentist, such as:

• Which subsets of dentistry are you most interested in? General dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, or neuromuscular dentistry?
• Is sedation dentistry important to you?
• Is a top-notch financing plan central to your budgeting?
• How important is proximity to your home? To your work?

2. Make a list of providers in your area that you’ve handpicked, either through advertising, referrals, proximity or reputation. Begin to narrow down that list by placing an initial phone call to each.

dental spa grand rapids3. Take notes on what you learn during each phone conversation. If a certain potential dentist does not meet your list of criteria, you can cross them off.

4. Once you’ve narrowed down your list to a few providers, set up an initial consultation with the one that you feel most comfortable with. Remember, an initial consultation does not obligate you to undergo treatment.

5. During your evaluation, talk to the doctor about your dental concerns, your cosmetic goals, and the financing options available. Find out if they use the latest technology and offer modern treatment options. Be sure to ask questions about experience and ask to view before and after photos.

6. Go with your instincts. Were you treated with respect and given attentive personal service? If not, you may want to continue on down your list.

7. If you feel completely comfortable during the evaluation and are confident that this doctor and facility can effectively meet all your dental needs, go ahead and schedule your cleaning and/or cosmetic treatment!

For additional information, please see Questions to Ask Your Dentist.

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