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CEREC Dental Crowns

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Step 1: Dr. Mulder & Stacie scanning Patient’s tooth onto the CEREC machine

CEREC dental crowns

Step 2: Patient’s teeth, both bite & prep are scanned in to the machine

This is a closeup of the prepared tooth

Here you’re seeing the designing of the restoration.

Step 3: Colors representing the flossing area

Step 4: Adjusted flossing area so restoration can be seated in mouth

Step 5: Chewing surface of upper & lower teeth

Another angle of the chewing surface

Step 6: Restoration completed on the computer

Step 7: Preview page

Step 8: Milling in action making the restoration

Step 9: Restoration complete

If you are still looking for additional information about CEREC crowns and the process, please visit Commonly Asked CEREC Questions.

If you are interested in having one-appointment CEREC tooth crowns, please contact our Michigan office today and schedule your initial consultation.

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